13 March, 2009

Jewelry Dishes on "Worldview"!

I just got an email that the jewelry dishes will be going out TODAY:

You may know that Jerome has made it a pledge drive tradition to present a special “Worldview” quiz. That’s going to happen on Friday’s show (tomorrow). And we thought it would be a perfect match for your hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind jewelry dishes – offer one to each listener who wins the quiz. It’ll be a great way to encourage folks to call in, answer questions, and—we hope—make a big pledge to WBEZ!

So tune in today at 12PM CET and listen to Worldview with Jerome McDonnell on WBEZ, Chicago Public Radio!


  1. Your jewelry dishes are so cool and they are promoting art, ceramics and WBEZ all at the same time - that's great.

  2. Worldview...that fits perfect to you and your art and just about everything about you...

  3. Unfortunately I couldn't listen to it... but I think it's coming up again tonight.

    greetings from canada! I'm not sure we are ever coming back... ;)

  4. This project is sooooo cool! WBEZ is my favorite channel! Hey, I do Empty Bowls as well, we should hook up and do some art chat. I'm in Des Plaines, I found you on Facebook.

    Love your work!

    Please check out my art: www.womanofclay.com

  5. Hi Mel, haven't heard from you in a while, hope all is going well.