13 April, 2009

I'm back!

I'm back from my skiing vacation in the B.C. Rockies, my business trip to Miami, the wood firing near SIUE and NCECA in Phoenix and will post pictures by the end of this week of all my wood fired pieces [that turned out - or not]. If you are my friend on Facebook you are already seeing what went in the anagama, but I haven't had the time + patience to post it here.

Will be busy for the last weeks of the semester to come up with something for final critique. Maybe I will test some glazes... FUN!


  1. Man, what a whirlwind trip (s), I should have jumped in your suitcase, sounds like you had fun.

  2. yeah, it's hard to get into the "normal" everyday life again after so much traveling! but now i am glad to stay home until august ;^)