17 April, 2009

My Cup Collection

Ah, 19*C and sunny - what a super day to officially announce the existence of my very own cup collection?!

it all started with this cup from Diana Fayt; purchased on Etsy.com:

Jon Joss; purchased at NCECA 2009 (cup sale):

Heather C. Morrow; purchased at NCECA 2009 (cup sale):

Susan Beiner; purchased at NCECA 2009 (ASU Ceramics Research Center):

Preston Tolbert; purchased at NCECA 2009 (cup sale):
(apparently this cup has been fired in Don Reitz train kiln ;^)
A yunomi is a small cup, usually used for tea in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. The walls are generally thick enough so that the cup can be held while full of the tea. (Or, some say, the tea should never be so hot that you cannot hold the cup in your hand.)

Ben Bates; purchased at NCECA 2009 (cup sale):

Lorna Meaden; purchased at NCECA 2009 (cup sale):

Eileen Coleman; purchased at NCECA 2009 (cup sale):

"Frank"; purchased at NCECA 2009 (cup sale):

Joseph Pintz; purchased at Main Street Gallery in Edwardsville, IL:


  1. Susan Beiner cup = WANT

    You've bought yourself a lot of cups this year. haven't you?! I did the same when the AKAR yunomi show went up. It's hard to stop.

  2. my personal favorite is the ben bates cup ;^)

    since most of them were bought at the NCECA cup sale, i spent my money on a good cause! so i am glad that i got all these cups. my husband was a little bit thrown off ("don't we have enough cups?!"), but i told him that there is NO WAY we are even USING these! it's all ART!

  3. Wow. For the first time I actually know my cup's destination. I hope you enjoy it!

  4. BTW, Frank is probably Frank Massarella.

  5. Thanks Preston! I am certain it is Frank Massarella! I just forgot to update this entry, but I guess now I just let readers read your comments :)
    I am enjoying your cup very much! I'll try to post a picture of it in its new surroundings soon. Thanks for commenting!